Grow Revenue

Increase sales by making it easy for buyers to order the right products in-person and online.

Reduce Time & Cost

Eliminate the costs associated with slow manual ordering methods and legacy solutions.

Analyze Performance

Monitor how your business, sales team, products and customers are performing in real time.

Build Trust

Increase customer fidelity and retention rate by offering a high quality experience that they will not forget.

Everything you need
to run your distribution business

We provide you with the tools to establish your name in the distribution industry

Sellwand Salesreps

Write and ship orders faster than ever. Forget pens, papers, printing and so on. With our iPad app your orders can be processed and shipped as soon as your salesreps are done typing.


Sellwand Portal

A single, powerful website to manage your orders. Designed with back office employees in mind, this is where you review, modify and complete orders. You can also export data into your ERP.

Sellwand Analytics

We collect and aggregate data that helps you make smarter decisions in real time. We measure retention and engagement so that you can focus on growing your business.


Sellwand Connect

(coming soon)

Give your retailers a personalized and modern buying experience. Beautifully showcase a catalog of products and tailor it for each retailer.

Sellwand Salesreps
for your sales team

Sales orders iPad application


Lightning fast ordering. Important customer information. Sync instantly when you’re on the road. Works offline.

Establish Presence

Boost your professional image showcasing a beautiful HD catalog of your products which works offline.


Increase Sales

Sales reps place orders faster and easier with immediate access to catalog, pricing and customer purchase history

Data Driven

Your reps have access to customer purchase history at any time. They are always prepared for the sales pitch.

Sellwand Connect
for your customers

B2B eCommerce mobile application

(Coming soon)


Give your customers access to product info. They are now able to order directly from you without calling you or waiting for your sales rep


Provide simple, intuitive mobile purchasing that retailers will love. Present up-to-date order status. Keep retailers informed of product availability.



Become the easiest supplier to work with. Increase sales frequency by receiving orders 24/7


Writing orders is very fast and easy.

Sellwand Portal
for your back office

Web order management website


A single, powerful website to manage your orders. Designed with back office employees in mind


Receive all inbound orders directly from the field. Review, modify, and confirm orders for immediate processing. Easily export orders and new or existing customers into your ERP



Assign customers to reps and territories. Give access and control only to those who need it. Easily add and remove reps as needed


Easily upload & update customer and product info that immediately syncs to the field. Set up price configurations based on customer, customer type or category.

Sellwand Analytics
for You!

Make smarter decisions faster

Real Time

Understand how your business is doing in real time. We collect sales events and customers data and provide you with relevant information as soon as we receive it.

Sales analytics

Evaluate seasonal offers performance. Monitor your growth of sales and compare it with previous periods


Customers analytics

Measure retention and engagement. Get insight into your customers and their behaviour. Uncover behaviours that correlate with healthy and unhealthy customers.


Our analytics give you an in-depth knowledge of customers and a generic overview of your entire business so that you can now focus on growth.

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